Equal opportunities and freedom of choice without discrimination
                                             on any ground.

TPO Foundation (Transcultural Psychosocial Educational Foundation) advocates for gender equality, dialogue and peace through partnership of civil society, academic institutions and government. It stands for freedom of consciousness and thought, regardless of identity or affiliation.
Bridging the gap between academic and activist, governmental and non-governmental and religious and non-religious worldviews, TPO is a leading organization in inclusive approaches to education for peace, gender equality and leadership.
TPO Foundation was developed from HNI TPO organization network with headquarters in Amsterdam, present in BH from 1998. Since 2006 TPO has been working as an independent local nongovernmental organization.
TPO Foundation focuses mostly on young people and women, because these two categories are marginalized in our society and their participation in public life and equal representation in places of decision-making need to be supported through various affirmative measures and activities.


  Education and activism for peace, dialogue, dender equality and leadership.

TPO programs are implemented through several strategic areas:

Education - Cooperation with universities and other organisations in implementing BiH education reform. Establishment of education centres in cooperation with educational and cultural institutions offering programs for intercultural, multi-religious and civic education, predominantly for women and youth. Preparation of curricula, syllabi, and training materials in cooperation with state institutions and other organisations.

Research - Assessments in the field of education, human rights, gender equality, dialogue, and peace building with the purpose of preparing adequate policies and specific project activities, always taking into consideration gender perspective and specificities of the cultural context.

Gender equality - Promotion and implementation of local and international standards on gender equality through various types of education and raising awareness about these issues in local communities. Special focus is on development of local gender-inclusive communities that respond to the needs of both women and men.

Public Advocacy - Advocacy for changes in action policies and adoption of new policies with the aim of developing a democratic civil society and gender equality, but also raising awareness of the society about the importance of active involvement and participation of citizens in decision making processes. Advocating for gender sensitisation of BiH legislation.

Capacity Building - Empowering individual capacities of women and youth, as well as organizational capacities of local organizations, in areas of gender equality, human rights, economic empowerment, dialogue, and peace building. Support to education reform, health care, and social rehabilitation by training professionals and promoting user's initiatives, and providing psychosocial support to women, children, and youth.

Intercultural Dialogue - Promotion of intercultural dialogue, peace building, and reconciliation in cooperation with relevant NGOs, both national and international. Organization of public debates, round tables, and workshops, as well as meetings of artists, academics, and NGO activists capable of providing respective solutions for common action and co-existence. Organisation of meetings in small local communities with the aim of gathering representatives of divided communities in BiH and opening a dialogue.