Civic activism, human rights, equality, and conflict resolution with dialogue are the key themes of the comic book novel  "NIRA" launched by TPO Foundation within the project "Initiative for Creative Dialogue and Education (ICDE)". The goal is to make human rights closer to young people, especially teenagers who should be agents of change in society. The comic book "NIRA" as an expressive form, which communicates different messages interweaving images and words on human rights and their application, encourages youth to learn, revolve and work, and thus combine creativity and civic activism.

The heroine of this comic book, Nira, in an authentic way represents one of the models of an engaged young person and conscious citizen who with her own example daily shows courage and initiative for change in society. She is aware of the difficulties with which the society in which she lives encounters, but she resists passive, inert and uniform society, which with its silence and inactivity allows the violation of human rights. Nira, courageous and persistent in her goals, raises her voice not allowing injustice and lawlessness to happen in front of her. She gains support from her friends with her ideas, wishes and activism and manages to change the attitudes of the environment.