In compliance with the international and domestic legal norms that protect children from all forms of violence TPO Foundation has developed protection measures as important mechanism alongside the existing legislation and norms relevant for educational and other institutions. Children are affected by different forms of violence, therefore it is crucial to undertake efficient prevention and protection measures.

Through its programs TPO Foundation promotes zero tolerance of violence and educate teachers, pedagogues, students and parents to be able to recognize violence, to learn how to handle it and what kinds of protection mechanisms are available to them to report it.
If you are exposed to any form of violence, or you see violence against children you can reach us through one of the following channels:
1. Fill the form and send it on e-mail:
2. Call us on the phone: 033/663 350
3. Report it via mailing address: TPO Foundation, Porodice Ribar 53, 71000 Sarajevo.