November 2010


The gender sensitive situation analysis "Social inclusion of women returnees" is a result of the survey that was implemented during period June - August 2010 in three places that mark a high rate of return of displaced persons i.e. Bijeljina/Janja, Kozarac (Republika Srpska) and Sanski Most (Federation BiH).
This analysis reveals the situation of women returnees with regards to realization of their rights on employment, pension, health and social insurance. Its empirical results show the situation on the field to the state gender mechanisms as contribution to the implementation of their strategy for gender equality.
Dr. Zilka Spahić Šiljak, the Project Manager of TPO Foundation points out in this analysis: "We hope that this analysis will be of use to the relevant state institutions that deal with issues of returnees and resolution of social status of returnees to include the gender sensitive approaches and perspectives in their policies of return and to assure higher inclusion of returnees through different ways of assistance in education, retraining, employment and better conditions of social protection."
The presentations were attended by 29 participants in NGO "Lara" Bijeljina and 14 participants in "Forum žena" Bratunac. All of them are the representatives of local institutions which deal with issues of employment, social and health insurance.

At the presentation of situation analysis the participants pointed out several remarks and conslusions regarding the results:
1. Men are more self-employed than women probably beacuse of the traditional distribution of roles i.e. a responsibility of a man to care for family and beacuse of the fact that women are financialy limited to run their own business.
2. It is neccesary to work on further development of communication and exchange of experiences between two entity employment bureaus with regards to work with returnees.  
3. The flow of information with women returness on running emplyment programs and grants are limited beacuse of the geographical isolation and lack of information channels e.g. radio, the post, etc. 
4. It is neccesary to initiate new actions and projects in cooperation with NGO sector and through political sources of power.
5. It is neccesary to educate women returness in writing project proposals.

After presentation, the trainers of TPO Foundation held the training for women from NGOs Lara Bijeljina and Forum žena Bratunac. The aim of the training is to increase their capacities for work with women returnees in local communities and to assist the employment bureaus in developing the set of active measures for labor market with focus on women returnees as a very vulnerable group.
The presentations got significant media coverage as follows:  RTRS, TV Arena, TV Slobomir, TV IN, Euro Blic, Srna, Semberske novine and Dnevni Avaz.
The situation analysis can be found online at: