November 2010


On the presentation of the results of the Gender based analysis on November 9 in Sanski Most there were 9 representatives of the institutions and associations from local community dealing with employment issues, social protection and issues of returnee. After the presentation, the discussion was initiated on the results of the analysis. In that occasion, the Bureau for employment stressed it announce the incentives for people from rural areas every year and that the information are available through public information means. Currently a public call is announced for incentives available for employment and self-employment of the returnees in amount of 2200 KM that is valid until December

31, 2010. Currently there are 74.2 % persons with health insurance in Sanski Most. The number of insured persons of age over 65, i.e. returnees, has increased. The association of citizens indicated on issues of getting assistance facing those returnees who live in Sanski Most but who are registered in Prijedor beacuse of the health insurrance. The status of returnees is also difficult because of the fact that there is no active association of returnees in Sanski Most. Also, many returnees work in agriculture and that way they have right to register a member of their family on health insurance, but they don't know about that.  Besides, some returnees avoid registration because of the obligation to pay high taxes on agricultural activities. Krajiska suza notes the fact that many returns to Sanski Most are formal because of existence difficulties. Namely, without an official census it is hard to say the exact number of returnees because some of them have registered their residence in Sanski Most but actually they live and work abroad. The participants stressed the need for information to be distributed in cooperation with NGOs. Although the Bureau for employment claim that one can easy get  information if interested,  the association of citizens and NGOs find necessary the Bureau for employment to mediate its information to NGOs so they can forward the information to the women returnees who live in distant and media isolated places. After the discussion the training in communication skills and facing the stress was held. The participants got the training manuals published by TPO Foundation.
On the presentation of the results of the gender based situation analysis on November 10 in Bosansko Grahovo there were 19 representatives of the institutions and association from local community dealing with employment issues, social protection and women rights issues.  After presentation, a discussion was initiated on results of the women returnees situation analysis. The representative of the municipal council stressed satisfaction with the analysis because it makes a positive change. Also, it was stressed that health

protection is the most critical segment in Bosansko Grahovo because it is the only municipality without a health center. Also, several key issues were stressed among other things i.e. low employment rate, lack of post-war industry and the need for courses in computer programs and and English language for purposes of advancement of literacy and better options for finding a job.
The representatives of the Association Grahovo points out that Bosansko Grahovo is the most underdeveloped municipality. This Association established everyday cooperation with the Bureau for employment. The Bureau stressed there are more unemployed men than women, and they provide incentives for returnees in general as well as for those returnees over age of 40 who are unemployed. Currently there are 85 of 240 registered returnees who have a right on health insurance. Although the Bureau has announced a call for employment incentives and informed beneficiaries via various media channels,  there was no interest by side of employers. It is interesting that there is no inspection and monitoring how these allocated funds are being invested. One of the participants who is a woman returnee thinks that these allocations are sufficient only for starting the business, but not for its sustainability because of low profit and huge expenses. Also it was stressed about lack of women political participation. The status of returnees is more difficult because people from Bosansko Grahovo get health protection services in first aid station in Drvar that does not have adequate space nor equipment necessary for a Health center as one situated in Livno. They also stressed related issue:  the lack of medical staff and adequate pharmacy shop. It is necessary to initiate the construction of the nursing home and to educate students in accordance with the market demands. One of the main issues is a deficit of population especially of work capable people. The Association Grahovo indicated on frequent domestic violence cases of returnees families. The police service notes around 6 cases daily and the causes are mostly alcohol, poverty and bad social living condition