December 2010

SOCIAL INCLUSION OF WOMEN RETURNEES - TRAINING DELIVERED AND PUBLICATIONS PRESENTED: "Gender sensitive situation analysis" AND "Gender sensitive analysis of laws and regulations"

Education workshops - and the round tables on which the publications of TPO Foundation were presented - were organised in period from October 1 to December 24, 2010 in cooperation with partner NGOs Medica Zenica, Krajiška suza Sanski Most, Forum žena Bratunac, UG Grahovo, Lara Bijeljina and Žena BiH. The training was delivered by the trainers from TPO Foundation: mr.sci. Alen Kristić, mr.sci. Naida Pekmezović and mr.sci. Bojan Šošić.
Thanks to this training and training manuals, TPO Foundation stregthened the capacities of these NGOs for their work with women returnees in their local communities. This way the assistance is provided to the employment bureaus to develop the set of active measures for the labor market focusing on women returnees as a very vulnerable group.
As follow up, NGOs organised 3 workshops in communication skills and psychosocial support and 3 workshops in peace-building in their local communities. So, Association "Žena BiH" organised the workshops in Mostar, Podveležje and Željuša- Bijelo Polje, for primary school teachers and parents, children and women returnees, public institutions and NGOs; NGO U.G. Grahovo realised the workshops in Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar, Livno and Glamoč, for women returnees who are members and activists of women NGOs and representatives of institutions; Woman organisation "Lara" Bijeljina organised the workshops in places Stara and Nova Janja and Bijeljina for women returnees, NGO representatives of local people and returnees and women in political parties; Medica Zenica organised the workshops in Zenica region for high school students, employees in institutions, NGO members, women from surrounding local communities Babino, Janjići, Lokvine, and members

of Medica Zenica, representatives from Municipality Zenica and Center for Social Work Zenica; Association Krajiška suza organised the workshops in Sanski Most and places Pobriježje and Trnova for women returnees.
Also, in premises of these NGOs, the round tables were organised and the publications of TPO Foundation i.e. Gender sensitive analysis "Social inclusion of women returnees" and ''Gender sensitive analysis of legal documents in the field of social and health protection, work and employment" were presented. Invitations were sent to representatives of local administration and public institutions in the field of work, employment, social and health protection, then women returnees, members of NGOs and women associations and the media.
Among other things, the beneficiaries of these project activities stressed that it is especially important to work with women returnees in achieving their rights as much as possible. Before all, it is necessary to spread information about their rights and how to realize them (social, health, pension insurance), but it is also necessary to finalize the ongoing processes with returnees. The returnees start loosing their trust in elected authority. They think too much time has passed and some issues (even existential ones) still have not been resolved. Only support they see in NGO work and they expect from NGOs to continue their work in order to justify the trust of the returnees.
The publication "Rodno osjetljiva analiza zakonskih dokumenata u oblasti socijalne i zdravstvene zaštite, rada i zapošljavanja" (Gender sensitive analysis of laws and regulations) can be found online here.