May 2011


Transcultural Psycho-Educational Foundation (TPO) organized a workshop I and II "Test on dialogue" of the scheduled five workshops in the framework of the project is implemented with the consent of the Ministry of Education and Science, Canton Sarajevo and the financial support of the Municipality Center. The workshop covered topics of gender-based violence and the role of dialogue in violence prevention with emphasis on multi-religious dialogue. At the first workshop held on 16 May the dialogue was tested by 10 participants, educators and psychologists secondary schools (Secondary School of Applied Art, Catholic Medical School Center Middle School, Central School of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Mapping) and primary schools (PS Ali Nametak "PS" Vladislav Skarić "Catholic Primary School Center School, Elementary School Nafija Proof "and PS" Mehmed-beg

Kapetanovic Ljubušak, PS Isaac Samokovlija "). The second workshop, held on 18 May the dialogue was tested by representatives of the Council of 19 students from 7 elementary schools (PS Mehmed-beg Kapetanovic Ljubušak, PS Isaac Samokovlija "PS" Vladislav Skarić "PS Musa Ćazim Catic," PS "Silvia Strahimir Kranjčević, PS "Ali Nametak" KŠC-St. Joseph - Column "and 3 secondary schools (Secondary School of Applied Arts, Sarajevo, Central School of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Mapping, KŠC-St. Joseph - Central Medical School). Test the questionnaire for dialogue - a specific set of issues from the dialogue in general with a focus on multi-religious dialogue. Persons who are tested for dialogue realize they have a dialogue competence for active listening, solidarity, cooperation, forgiveness and reconciliation, accountability, trust, honesty, friendship, gratitude and self-criticism and activism.

Educators have this training as an important and necessary for students, and questions from the test relevant and important for the upbringing and education of students in order to raise awareness about the acceptance of diversity and work for the general welfare of society. Representatives of the Student Council have been actively involved in theoretical and practical part of the workshop and particularly stressed the value of dialogue competence, such as trust, honesty, active listening, collaboration and activism . All participants provided the training materials "Dialogue against Violence" by Dr. Zilka Spahic-Siljak, program manager TPO Foundation and director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (CIPS) and M.Sc. Sabiha Husic, director of Medica Zenica.

In cooperation with the Secondary School of Applied Arts, Elementary School "Mehmed-beg Kapetanovic Ljubušak" and the Catholic School Centre-Central University School of Medicine will be arranged 3 workshops for 30 students to the test organized 10 discussion groups in order to "test the dialogue." TPO Foundation is an NGO with a mission to the implementation of educational, research, intercultural and psychosocial program activities contribute to building a democratic civil society, strengthening the awareness of gender equality and establishing partnerships ethics and responsibilities in family, society and political life in BiH. TPO Foundation operates in the fields of education, research, gender equality, advocacy, capacity building and strengthening of intercultural dialogue.