June 2011

impementation of the project "test on dialogue" is concluded

Transcultural Psychosocial Educational Foundation (TPO) implemented the project "Test on Dialogue!" in schools in Municipality Centar. As a part of the project 5 workshops and 10 tests on dialogue were held with an aim of introducing the role of dialogue in prevention of violence focusing on gender based violence. The project was realized in period from March to June 2011 with consent of the Ministry of Education and Science of Canton Sarajevo and financial support of Municipality Centar.
The project "Test on Dialogue!" of TPO Foundation covered 3 high schools and 8 primary schools in

municipality Centar, with an aim of developing additional skills and capabilities of the pupils in order to raise the awareness on importance of understanding, tolerance and acceptance of diversity and to implement joint actions for common good of local communities. There were more than 200 participants (10 pedagogues and 217 pupils) tested on dialogue. As a result the pupils created wall papers and leaflets with messages of dialogue, multi-religious dialogue and prevention of violence including gender based violence.
Pedagogues evaluated this education as important and necessary for pupils. They find questions from the test on dialogue as relevant and important for education of pupils with an aim of raising the awareness of accepting diversity and acting for the common good of society. Pupils especially

emphasized the value of dialogical competences such as trust, respect, active listening, activism and cooperation.
"It seems that the strength of words, although it can be great, today is not enough. A deed tells thousands of words and so as your workshops. The pupils as well as professors with pleasure participated in every moment. Perhaps this is a small step for humanity but it is for sure a big step for an individual who lives in the country in transition i.e. in the country that will come closer to EU through such dialogue and culture of behavior and an individual will be proud to be a human being deserving goodness", said Danijela Klepić, the Pedagogue of Catholic School Center (KŠC) Secondary Medical School - Srednja medicinska škola.
"Sincerely, I thought that pupils of primary school will not be able to participate in this project in full.

I'm happy that I was wrong. I'm very happy that involves the pupils of primary school as well. What I like the most is the fact that this project is not only about violence because when one talks too much about something, in some extent it becomes propaganda. This project is also about dialogue as a tool for prevention of violence. One suggestion for a future: I think that children the same as adults believe that dialogue is necessary but they are not always familiar with dialogical competencies. It is necessary to introduce as many practical exercises as possible for development of those skills", said Berka Bibić, the Pedagogue in primary school OŠ "Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak".
Maida Bavčić, the Pedagogue in High School of Applied Art – Srednja škola primijenjenih umjetnosti emphasized:"A violence as serious social issue is present in all spheres of life and because of that education and

prevention work in schools emphasizes the topics of common understanding, acceptance and non-violent conflict resolution. The project "Test on Dialogue" that is implemented in our school and organized by TPO Foundation gave significant contribution in resolution of this issue in scope of both gender based violence and multi-religious dialogue. I think that this project is welcome in school practice."
In 5 workshops "Test on Dialogue" 10 pedagogues and 52 pupils were trained from 3 high schools (High School of Applied Art, Catholic School Center (KŠC) High Medicine School, High Construction-Geodetic school – Građevinsko-geodetska škola) and 8 primary schools (OŠ "Vladislav Skarić", OŠ "Nafija Sarajlić", OŠ "Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak", OŠ "Isak Samokovlija", OŠ "Musa Ćazim

Ćatić", OŠ "Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević", OŠ "Alija Nametak", KŠC "Sv. Josip – Stup"). In schools OŠ "Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak", High School of Applied Art –Srednja škola primijenjenih umjetnosti and Catholic School Center (KŠC) High Medicine School there were 165 pupils tested on dialogue through a questionnaire - test on dialogue. The pupils of these 3 schools created the leaflet and wall papers to promote the project "Test on Dialogue" and the best ideas were awarded. All participants of the project "Test on Dialogue" received the manual "Promoting Dialogue against Violence" of the authors Dr. Zilka Spahić-Šiljak, Program Manager of TPO Foundation and Mr.Sci. Sabiha Husić, Director of Medica Zenica.