September 2011


TPO Foundation is conducting a baseline study as part of Women, Peace-building and Reconciliation in BiH Project. The purpose of the study is to detect women peace-builders and find out the attitudes of citizens in BiH on peace and peace-building activities, with particular emphasis on the role of women. The citizen survey has been completed and results are being analyzed. We plan to conduct a survey among NGO activists using a web-based questionnaire that is available on TPO Foundation's website, but you can also access it via: http:/ /
We would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to fill in the questionnaire because attitudes of NGO activist are of immense importance for the baseline study. Please forward the questionnaire to

all activists that you think will be interested to participate in our survey.
Women, Peace-building and Reconciliation in BiH Project has the objective to bring to light the role of BiH heroines who have been working on peace-building and reconciliation over the last 20 years and who have not been adequately recognized by the authorities and the public as their efforts and achievements were never recorded. Over the course of project implementation, TPO Foundation intends to record the stories of women peace-builders that will later be analyzed, published and used to empower future BiH generations in promotion of peace and security for all, particularly the marginalized and vulnerable.