October 2011

meeting at Embassy of United States in BiH

Representatives of TPO Foundation, along with representatives of other NGO's, participated at the round table discussion with US Ambassador for the Women Issues Ms Melanne Verveer. The discussion was held on Sunday, 23 October, 2011 in the premises of the Embassy of United States in BiH. Ms Verveer visited BiH between 22nd and 23rd October, and during her visit she scheduled meeting with representatives of the NGO's that implement projects that aim to strengthen position of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and are currently

supported by the Embassy of United States in BiH. During the meeting participants discussed the position of women in public life in BiH, possibility of women's active involvement in formal political processes, but also the obstacles NGO's face in their work on solving these matters. At the end of discussion Ambassador Verveer emphasized the importance on working on gender equality, and labelled the attitudes of the NGO representatives as the most constructive of all that were presented to her during her visit.