March 2018


The goal of mindfulness techniques is for the person practicing it to become aware of their body, thoughts and emotions and to deal with them openly and without judgment.
TPO Fondation from Sarajeva launches Mindfulness program that offers different meditative practices and techniques for stress management. One can exercise them individually and in groups. At the beginning the most important thing is to learn how to breath properly:  4 second breathe in, 7 seconds hold the breath, 8 second breathe out.
Practices of mindfulness have been integrated into conventional medicine in some countries since the 1980's. Thanks Jon Kabat-Zinn,  stress-reduction techniques are classified as conventional healing. Jon Kabat-Zinn is founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic in Massachusetts, USA. His research showed that mindfulness is a natural capacity of every man/woman, and that it can be accomplished with practice. Research at Harvard University also showed that everyday meditation not only helps keep our heart/minds to awake  but it also aids in strengthening the immune system and recovery of parts of our brain important for self-consciousness and compassion.

It also results in reduced volume of brain regions connected to stress. Yale University studies are proving that meditation establishes the new default mode in the brain, focused on the present moment.
Mindfulness techniques help us to become aware and to meet our Self and to learn living in the moment instead of permanent lamenting for the past or anxious worry about future.
Mindfulness is one of the best ways for stress relief and to change the patterns of negative reactions that harm us the most.
If you are intersted in learning more about mindfulness techniques, please contact us on the following e-mail:
One of the first publications we offer within this program  is the Diary of Thoughts-Mindfulness.