March 2018


"People often make fun of me on the streets. They call me names and try to provoke me, but I don't pay attention. I often look the other way and go about my business when they are trying to offend me, just like my mother told me to", said one of the members of "Ružičnjak – Los Rosales" Youth Association in Mostar. Children and youth with minor, moderate and combined impairments in psychophysical development, cerebral paralysis, autism, Down syndrome and hyperactivity are educated, socialized, rehabilitated and prepared for work by this association.
TPO Foundation organized a workshop entitled "Speak out against violence targeting girls and women" to mark the IWD on March 8 in "Ružičnjak – Los Rosales" Youth Association in Mostar.

The workshop was led by D.Sc. Medina Mujić, TPO Foundation associate, and Jasna Rebac, president of the Youth Association "Ružičnjak – Los Rosales".
The participants showed great interest in problems of violence, stigmatization and rejection as well as some knowledge on human rights they are guaranteed. Using exercises, discussion and exchange of opinions, they shared their personal experiences in which they pointed out how often they face violence, discrimination and bullying. It is important they have an opportunity to hear and learn about their rights and options in a social community. They warmly welcomed TPO Foundation and emphasized that it is important to have more of such educational workshops and seminars.