March 2018


In celebration of the International Women's Day, TPO Foundation together with Maarif College in Sarajevo (March 7, 2018), Srednja škola za tekstil, kožu i dizajn (March 5, 2018) and Željeznički školski centar (March, 7, 2018) held three Open classrooms where students could reflect on the importance of the International Women's Day celebration in respect to their local communities. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with prof. Alma Ahmethodzic and pedagogist Berminka Hrelja, as well as newly established bridges of cooperation with prof. Edisa Zilic, through interactive lectures and audio-visual narration, workshop facilitator Monja Suta-Hibert led an open conversation with students who were interested – not only in the IWD discussion – but also in different questions about social justice, workers' rights in the world and Bosnia and Herzegovina and human rights in general.

Enthused students used some of the numerous publications created by TPO Foundation, which were distributed to all students-attendees, and they got the necessary knowledge and motivation to participate in different forms of activist practices that help us gain useful life knowledge and are of use to our local community. Through an open conversation with the youth, teachers and pedagogues, everyone came to the conclusion that more of such educational practices are necessary for our schools to become not only distributers of knowledge but also institutions for upbringing and continuous emancipation and exchange of positive and innovative ideas in order to create a more just BH society.