March 2018


During the academic 2016/2017, ETOS Initiative has started a program of building school collaborations through the creation of World Ethos Schools, and there are in total twelve secondary and primary schools within WES. One of them is Mostar Secondary School of Engineering which hosted on March 13 and 14, 2018, the first World Ethos workshop aimed at building school collaborations and fostering inter-school cooperation. That it is possible to – not only break long-standing barriers – but also to build bridges of cooperation founded on voluntarism, inclusion and humanity was shown by the synergy of Mostar Secondary School of Engineering and Jurja Dalmatinca Mostar Secondary School of Engineering, and thanks to the workshop participants and our excellent team of lecturers: Sanela Mesihovic (professor and principal of Mostar Secondary School of Engineering) and Fr. Ivan Nujic (professor and secretary at Franciscan Gymnasium in Visoko).     
Each school has different reasons for trying to create its unique profile and image which are built by the common efforts of the entire school community. With that in mind, if we think of the current life context, technological and social changes which are happening on the micro and macro level, we can see that each and every young person today needs ethical, interreligious and intercultural competencies more than ever before. By considering the challenges of today, many schools invest great effort into creating and advancing productive and tolerant coexistence in schools. It is impossible to achieve positive long-term results in encouraging non-violent behavior among students without a good concept on learning about ethical values.

Considering the fact that many school communities consist of members of different religious communities as well as other minority identities, the concept of World Ethos Schools inevitably includes methodologies of working and learning which encourage multicultural learning and communication. However, Mostar Secondary School of Engineering is not the only WE school, and the ETOS team intends to support the realization of such and similar initiatives across BiH in order to shape the founding ideas and principles of world ethos implementation in schools.