March 2018


The first in a series of panel discussions for the next couple of months was held as part of Fer Discourse Initiative at IMIC, in Sarajevo, on March 14, 2018. The topic of the first panel discussion was "Between the religious and secular".
The guest lecturer, Drago Bojic, a Bosnian Franciscan, theologian and publicist, discussed the position of religion and religious communities in a secular society such the BH society and spoke about the importance of establishing communication between those two contexts. Mr. Bojic also emphasized the importance of making equal room for faith and non-faith because fanaticism arose, historically speaking, as a consequence of both religious and anti-religious narratives. Seeing a potential for exercising human rights more fully in a secular multi-religious state, Mr. Bojic highlights the importance of dealing with wrongs on all sides, creating possibilities and room for dialog.
The discussion drew a significant number of guests who, by discussing certain questions, expressed their personal need to speak on these and similar issues in greater detail, especially if we bear in mind ethical dilemmas which often appear as a consequence of complex societies which equally face religion and secularism. 

The first topic sets the stage for further panel discussions which are to take place already in April, and they will primarily focus on religion and gender, including women's position in monotheistic religions.
The panel was opened by a performance that was prepared by two students from Gymnasium Dobrinja, Lora Šabanović and Amar Mujanović. The aim of the intoductory performance was to show how the religious and secular intertwine within our daily lives, as well as to underline that human beings posess free will and therefore have the right to make their own choices.
A trailer about the first panel discussion "Between religious and secular" within the Fer discourse is available on the following link: