April 2018


As part of a program for empowering school staff by creating World Ethos Schools, a world ethos workshop was held in Brcanska Malta Elementary in Tuzla at April 24 and 25, 2018. How educational programs in learning about ethical values are necessary for a successfully-functioning school staff was shown by mutual cooperation of three elementary schools: Brcanska Malta, Soline and Breske, an excellent lecturing team: Izet Numanovic (an expert adviser at Tuzla Pedagogy Institute), Munevera Rahmanovic Hrbat (a teacher of Islamic religious studies) and Vanja Ivkovic (a teacher of Catholic religious studies) together with teachers who participated in the workshop. 
Aware of contemporary challenges, many schools work at developing and launching different initiatives in order to advance productive and tolerant coexistence in school. It is impossible to achieve long-term results in those efforts without a well-conceived concept of learning about ethical values. With that in mind, the concept of World Ethos Schools is inevitably made by work and learning methodologies which incentivize processes of multicultural learning and communication.

Therefore, the voluntary effort and work of lecturers and teachers of the aforementioned schools, the successful organization of a world ethos workshop, represents a step forward in the realization of universal goals and values which are recognized as key factors necessary for creating successful school institutions open to 21st century challenges.