May 2018


We need to learn more about respect and tolerance toward different cultures, attitudes and beliefs, we need to advocate freedom of thought and speech and work on protecting human life. That is the best way to oppose discrimination and violence against humanity. These were the messages of diligent young people from the Dobrinja Gymnasium with which TPO Foundation organized a workshop on May 11, 2018 entitled "Youth, antifascism and Europe" to mark the Victory in Europe Day and Europe Day.
To mark May 9, Victory in Europe Day and Europe Day, TPO Foundation organized open classrooms for high school students in Sarajevo Canton. TPO Foundation's team talked to young people from Željeznički školski centar as well as from Dobrinja Gymnasium.

With TPO Foundation's project coordinator Melika Šahinović as the moderator, young people were given a chance to question the historical impact of May 9 and to express their attitudes on the roles and responsibilities of everyone – but especially young people – in creating a better and safer future for all citizens. What is extremely important to young people is tolerance toward others who are different from us as well as the need for freedom of expression and living according to one's values if we are to adequately face prejudice imposed by the society. The students from Dobrinja Gymnasium find that it is necessary that we have a continuous and quality education which supports critical thinking and building of personal attitudes; beside that, a priority for young people should be mutual understanding and awareness for everyone, irrespective of their religion, nationality, race or any other identity.