December 2019


Topic of  the fifth Socrates Cafe held in Zenica on December 4th, 2019 was ''Violence Against Women''. Cafe facilitator, Venita Popović, editor of the magazine "Zeničke sveske" shared with the participants some of the data that research in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia showed. For example, "Only one in four women who have suffered violence has reported it." and "Every fourth young man and every tenth girl believes that one slap in the face is not violence." Participants believe that the whole society is a society of violence, but it is necessary to ask ourselves whether, when and why we are silent.

By our silence, we also contribute to staying in the vicious circle of violence. The facilitator also pointed out that non-reporting of violence is a criminal act, if it is evident that we knew it was happening.
Regarding the fact that victims rarely choose to report violence because of feelings of shame and fear, and of inadequate punishment for the perpetrators, we have a duty to help them by educating ourselves to make it easier to recognize it. "We must not be tolerant of violence" - concluded the participants.