December 2019


TPO Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the HNC, organized a conference "Peer and Gender Based Violence: From Reaction to Prevention" on 12.12.2019. at the Cultural Center of Mostar in Mostar. The results of the TPO Foundation three - year project ''Peer and Gender-Based Violence'' were discussed at the conference. They shared experiences, knowledge, skills, beautiful moments, friendships that were gained through work, effort, will and desire through this project. The conference was the occasion to tell another positive story, which lasted for three years in three cantons: KS, HNC, CBC. Pedagogues and teachers played the main role and did their best to learn how to help children in their schools to recognize or commit violence.  The project involved 428 teachers, 1430 students and 10 000 parents.
Over 120 people attended the conference together with HNC Minister of Education Rašid Hadžović, representative of the Norwegian Embassy Ognjen Grujić, director of the Mostar Pedagogical Institute Enisa Gološ, 30 pedagogues and teachers
. Also, the conference was attended by students from all three cantons participants in the project. All of them were able to  follow the course of events of the implementation of the project and its results.

According to Minister Rašid Hadžovć, this project is extremely important not only for children but also for teaching staff and therefore for the community, and that school violence starts at a lower level and it is necessary to intervene and prevent further escalation immediately at that lower level. 
The director of the Pedagogical Institute of the HNC emphasized that we need to give more space to such projects in order to live in a more peaceful environment and to make sure that our children are on the right track. 
Representatives of the Ministries of Education of the HNC and CS Emina Jusufbegović and Melisa Mizdrak said that they were pleased to coordinate the project activities in these two cantons and that the PGBV project came at a good time when, especially in CS, there was an alarming situation regarding peer violence. Both representatives emphasized the importance of continuing and extending this project to other primary and secondary schools.  
Parents and students directly involved in the project activities shared their experiences of how much these activities contributed to detecting violence, especially psychological, which is the biggest challenge for all people.
Everyone present got the "Final Baseline Study" publication which outlined the success of the three - year "Peer and Gender-Based Violence" project and outlined the positive practices that contributed to addressing violence. This publication is a reminder to institutions as well as the school communities of the new challenges faced by the new generation, as well as guidance on how to proceed.