December 2019


If your thought is a rose
You are a rose garden
If it is a thorn
You are fuel for the bath stove
                       (Rumi, Mathnawi II:278)

Presence, heart awakening, mindfulness, huzur, remembrance, connection with the Source are the main themes of the book "Living Presence. Sufi path to Mindfulness", by Kabir Edmund Helminski, which is translated to Bosnian by Dželila Šiljak. TPO Foundation in collaboration with BZK Preporod Brčko organized the book launch on December 21, 2019. The book reviewers: professor Rešid Hafizović, PhD, Dr. Amra Delić promoted the book and professor Zilka Spahić Šiljak, PhD addressed the audience on behalf of the publisher, TPO Foundation.  Edhem Vilić moderated the event.

Professor Rešid Hafizović, PhD discussed the role of a human being who is a microcosmos  which  embraces the entire universe. Human being's task is to be responsible deputy (Khalifa) in Earth and he/she will can do it only if they live with presence and being aware of his/her role as the crown of the Divine creation.
Dr.sci Amra Delić
emphasized that the author Helminski made parallels of Sufi teachings with the contemporary psychology and successfully conveyed the different concepts of spiritual growth. 

Professor Zilka Spahić Šiljak, PhD explained that the book was a challenging task for the publisher in terms of proper translation of some concepts that do not have equivalents in Bosnian, such as consciousness and conscious. The book provides answers on gnosis and self-reflection in the contemporary world full with with so many challenges.