March 2020

Celebration of the International Women's Day Entitled: ''How Can We Speak of Gender Equality'' in the High School for Textile, Leather, and Design

"When I decided to wear hijjab, people asked me if I did it for the money and whether my parents forced me to do it.", was the experience of the student which she shared with her colleagues on the open classroom in the name of the Eighth of March entitled: ''How Can We Speak of Gender Equality?'' organized by TPO Foundation. On 9 March, 2020, students of The Catholic School Center St. Joseph and the High School for Textile, Leather, and Design, inspired by the exhibition "How Can We Speak of Gender Equality?", discussed the topics: women in literature, the position of women in Islam, the relationship between men and women in the modern age, the status of women of today, the position of women in art , how the woman is represented in the traditional Bosnian song ''sevdalinka.''

They especially criticized the stereotype: "You should be quiet and obedient or you'll be the talk of the town." The students emphasized that they live in a society full of complexes and that therefore it is important what others will say. Most of the students stated that they were brought up in a way that they were careful what they would wear, who they went with, where they would go out. At the end of the discussion they concluded that we do not need to live the lives of other people and that we need to know how to evaluate and whose opinions we need to respect."When Love Wins" is a song with which the students ended the discussion, which was also a message to a society full of stereotypes.