July 2020


Lack of self-confidence and negative thoughts are factors that influence young people not to be what they want', was a statement established during the training of personal and professional development and advocacy within the NIRA project.
The training was held on July 24 and 25 in Sarajevo, and the participants were students of the Universities located in Sarajevo. The training was facilitated by Melika Šahinović and Bojana Trninić.
Through work on personal and professional development, the participants learned that they almost never ask themselves questions: Do I love myself?, Do I appreciate myself? Do I deserve to be happy?, which leads them to limit themselves and be afraid of the different and unknown.

Advocacy was unknown to the majority of the participants until this training. Trainer Bojana Trninić focused on a practical approach in order to bring the participants as close as possible to the basics of advocacy, problem identification, target group determination, advocacy strategy and ways of obtaining media space.
Participants will write an application for small projects in the coming period. The top ten will receive grants to realize their ideas in local communities.