Oktober 2020


Within the NIRA project and with the aim of greater involvement of young people and women in politics and advocacy in BiH, the TPO Foundation has implemented a number of activities for young people throughout BiH. After trainings on personal and professional development and advocacy for young people, which aimed to improve the skills and competencies of young people in public speaking, critical thinking and project writing, TPO Foundation published a public call entitled "Women, Youth and Politics", intended for all citizens between aged between 18 and 35 to apply by project applications with an initiative aimed at the promotion and affirmation of young people and women in politics in BiH.
Based on dozens of project applications that arrived at our address from different parts of BiH, the following projects were approved:
1. Adnan Mević, SPEAK ONCE! Visoko
2. Aldin Džino, Promotion of active and responsible policies towards young people, Konjic
3. Bojana Tanacković, From education to realization, Zvornik
4. Berina Meškić, Women to Women (WOW! Campaign), Zenica
5. Dzemila Mujić, Women for Political Participation, Novi Travnik

6. Harun Kurtović, Young people of Mostar together, Mostar
7. Selma Bleković, Political Literacy of Youth and Women in Lukavac, Lukavac
8. Olga Tmusic, I exist too, Bijeljina
9. Ivana Čolaković, Support to Young Female Politicians in the 2020 Local Elections, East Sarajevo
10. Enisa Klačar, Feminism in the Classroom, Sarajevo
11. Samra Šakanović-Prgić, For Equality, Orašje
12. Selma Ćatibušić, Platform for the Promotion of Youth in Elections, Tuzla and Bihać
13. Tarik Smajlović, Youth for Youth, Tuzla

In the coming period, we expect the implementation of numerous educations, campaigns, creative workshops, online activities, advocacy and networking, all with a unique goal: raising awareness among citizens and educating about the importance of greater and active involvement of young people and women in BiH politics. The activities will be carried out in 13 different cities and municipalities of BiH, and we expect their completion by November 10, when we have the last activity left, and that is going to the polls and voting in the 2020 local elections.