October 2020


The training of teaching staff for EMIL (Ethos of Multireligious and Intercultural Learning) program was, after a year and two months, successfully completed on 31 October, 2020. The aim of this program was to prepare teachers to work in a school atmosphere of solidarity, openness, tolerance and ethics. 13 teachers successfully completed this program and became certified trainers to strengthen intercultural and interreligious competencies.
Although there were controversial topics, topics that had to be fought like prejudices, with the help of Bennett's continuum, we are proud that in the end these 13 teachers successfully completed their education: Amer Sofradžija (Sarajevo), Elmana Cerić (Sarajevo), Emilija Pavićević ), Adem Olovčić (Sarajevo), Dragana Kartal (Sarajevo), Mehmed Delić (Jablanica), Sevla Krivić (Konjic), Ahmed Omerović (Tuzla), Duška Tarade (Tuzla), Almedina Imširović (Tuzla), Amela Petričević (Tuzla), Sanita Verem (Donji Vakuf) and Haris Balić (Visoko). Unfortunately, there were 28 teachers recommended by the Ministries of Education of  HNC, CS, SBC, ZDC and TC initially, and we are sorry that the entire group did not complete the education.
Next year, this group of 13 trainers in this field will conduct trainings in schools throughout BiH and promote fundamental ethical values both among the teaching staff and among students.