November 2020


Zilka Spahić Šiljak, professor at the faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, researcher at Harvard and Stanford, activist, author, fighter for human rights and gender equality and the program  directors of the TPO Foundation was a guest on November 8, 2020 on BHRT in the show Identities with host Dženita Zirdum, in which the topic was Culture of Diversity.
Spahić Šiljak spoke about her life path in which she began working with refugees, exiles and raped women, because for many, as well as for Spahić Šiljak, the war was a turning point. In her career, Spahić Šiljak is trying to bridge the gap between the academic and non-governmental sectors in order to avoid divisions in information, because education is the biggest capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina that brings progress and liberates.

Spahić Šiljak referred to the brain drain and political employees who are not interested in the common good but personal gain.
She spoke about the issue of identity, which is a fluid process, as well as the issue of religion, which is becoming suitable for the manipulation and ideological profiling of certain groups in areas where people are not literate enough. Combining feminism with religiosity is possible, as Spahić Šiljak emphasized, because feminist identity is, above all, a struggle against sexism and subversive action.
In the world of diversity in which we live, it is necessary to talk to different people, without condemnation, because we are all human beings, says Spahić Šiljak in this conversation.