Novembar 2020

16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender-Based Violence
How Much Do We (Not) Understand Each Other?

Every year, the TPO Foundation conducts a 16 days of activism campaign against gender-based violence in cooperation with primary and secondary schools as well as universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year's campaign theme is How Much Do We (Not) Understand Each Other?. We chose this topic by listening to the needs of the cooperation triangle made up of students, teachers and parents.
In a world that has been in the jaws of the pandemic for a significant time now, the three sides of the triangle are out of balance and, sometimes seem to be, out of balance of understanding. Students do not understand teachers because each of them is looking for a different teaching approach, parents do not understand students that it is problematic for them to cope with school obligations without school and blackboard, teachers do not understand student ignorance and so on.

The TPO Foundation invites all schools, pedagogues, students and parents from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the campaign and to share with us their experience of (mis) understanding within the triangle of cooperation. If you have not done this campaign so far, you can contact us at the
or on social networks: and to organize a workshop with pupils and / or students and thus join the system of schools and universities that conduct this campaign.