January 2021


Etos of tolerance, non-violence and openness towards of others is very relevant today when, apart from numerous conflicts around the world we face additional challenges of pandemic which isolated people one from another. TPO Foundation organized third module of the Etos Balkan seminar from January 23-24-01.2021 with colleagues from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar was moderated by professor Zilka Spahić Šiljak, PhD with two facilitators:  Sedžida Hadžić and Miroslav Bagara and a guest speaker Alen Kristić.
After first two modules participants had a chance to discuss and explore together the potentials for non-violence and tolerance rooted in Global ethic. An important part of the seminar was also designing of the personal Declaration of tolerance. Participants offered attractive messages for their own declarations:
Nina: "Empathy and adjustment are important for tolerance"

Dragana: "Patience and understanding have power to make the world better place for living."
Maja: :"With communication and understanding ta accomplish our goals for tolerance."
Milica: "Respect the attitudes of others and defend your own with arguments."
Mirela: "Culture of listening is important and it is absent in many aspects of our life."
Final part of the seminar was concluded with the lecture of Alen Kristić who talked about Global Ethic as challenge for social and interreligious dialogue. In his lecture Alen emphasized that today people live in apathy, they lack imagination to imagine better world, they do not have will to get engaged as citizens, but Global ethic can help us to confront populist on power. People fear from complex identities and differences and they do not know how to embrace it and how to face these challenges. Differences are resources for growth of civilizations while rejecting differences leads to  isolation and poverty.