March 2021


The second panel discussion within the celebration of the International Women's Day was realized on Friday, March 5, 2021. The TPO Foundation, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Sarajevo, organized a program for student and university professors. Almost 100 participants had the opportunity to talk with the Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Sarajevo, Dr. Ruth Wiseman, as well as with the panelists, Merima Jašarević, a professor at the Faculty of Education at the Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar, and Nikola Vučić, a journalist and human rights activist.
After the screening of the film Miss Representation, participants from the University of Tuzla, Džemal Bijedić University Mostar, University of Sarajevo, University of Banja Luka, University of East Sarajevo, International Burch University Sarajevo, International University Sarajevo and University of Zenica, as well as young representatives of the Association of BH Journalists joined the panel to discuss the impact of the media on women but also the importance of discussing gender equality at the faculties.
The first panellist, Merima Jašarević, commented on the influence of the media on women and strong stereotypes that are still very present in our society, especially when it comes to women in politics.

She gave special support to young women who decide to get involved in politics, noting that unfortunately nationalism still plays a big role when it comes to women in politics where new criteria are imposed as challenges for women on their way to reaching leadership positions. Nikola Vučić commented on the film Miss Representation, saying that the objectification of the female body is still trying to stop a woman in her efforts to cope with the challenges of society and realize herself in social roles that are still typical only for men.
To solve the problem of gender inequality, society needs to act as a whole, with its members working for the benefit of both men and women and supporting everyone regardless of gender, age, race and many other differences that we often use as a means of discrimination. This is one of the conclusions of the students of this panel discussion. In her conclusion, Dr. Ruth Wiseman stated that education plays one of the key roles in detecting and solving problems caused by gender inequality. All participants of this and the next panel that will be held on Tuesday 9th of March will have the opportunity to participate in the competition for the best essay entitled Gender Equality from my perspective where the three best works will receive valuable prizes.