October 2021

MY STORY MATTERS – Four life stories

Being a minority most often means that a person is invisible, excluded and that their/his rights are not respected. In the period September-October 2021, as part of the EUNIC project “My Story Matters”, the TPO Foundation, in cooperation with partner organizations from Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia, recorded four stories of life that show the challenges faced by different types of minorities every day.

TPO Foundation led by a team consisting of Amina Mašić, Farah Hasanbegović, and Vanja Šunjić recorded the story of Dženana Bračković, a Professor of Turkish at IUS who is coping with the challenge of dwarfism.

The Centre for Intercultural Dialogue from Macedonia, with a team led by Arta Abduli, recorded the story of Natalia Cvetković, who is a Aromanian and therefore a minority living in Macedonia.

The NGO Foundation “Institute for Social Innovation” from Montenegro, led by Nina Krivokapić, and with the artistic help of Božidar Miranović, recorded the story of Jonh Barac, who is the member of the LGBT communitiy.

The Association “Women’s Studies and Research” from Serbia with a team consisting of Margareta Bašaragin and Isidora Dekić recorded the story of Natasa Arsenović, who is blind.

 The stories that matter were captured in interviews that inspired young artists to make short scripts for movies, ways of photography, and write stories. The artistic content will be fully realized in the coming period. All participants of the project who create artistic and pedagogical content and those who create and conduct interviews as well as interviewees will be entitled to authorship, which is defined by a special document. Click here for document.