December 2021

The campagin "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" was promoted at the Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo

Under the motto of „look around“ by which the TPO Foundation, with the support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, promotes te campagin "16 days of activism against gender based violence", Professor Elmana Cerić organized a workshop with class IV1 students in order to raise the awareness of violence and discrimination against women. The students were given a task to research this topic in groups and collect statistical and other data, which they then analyzed and presented to the rest of the class during the workshop. The students had an opportunity to discuss the extent to which violence against women is present and recognized in various areas of social life - from family, media, politics, education, science and the causes of the devastating statistics, and then offer their own solutions. With their dedicated approach to this task and the empathy they showed, the students once again reminded that education is much more than just earning lessons and reproducing learned content. As part of this campaign, students also expressed their views on this issue through comics.