December 2021

The campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence" was promoted at the Gymnasium of Visoko

On the occasion of the campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence", two workshops, with the coordinator and professor of Bosnian language and literature, Razija Šahinović were implemented in the Gymnasium of Visoko.
The first workshop was held on Thursday, December 2, with the third grade of the language constituency. The students researched and questioned the topic of gender (in) equality in language. Through a relaxed atmosphere and informal conversation about gender and gender based discrimination, they particularily emphasized the importance of the Bosnian language, mistakes in writing in official textbooks used in schools and numerous media contents, and pointed out gender based discrimination and gender inequality through various world literary works.

The second workshop was held the next day, December 3, with third-grade students from a natural elective area. Through the topic "From Hasanaginica to the modern woman", students questioned the representation and position of women through time in literary discourse.
By talking about these issues, the students realized how serious and neglected this problem is in today's world, given its deeply enrooted nature.

"I really liked the atmosphere in which we talked. It was very enlightening because most of the things we mentioned were so common that you just don't notice that it's actually gender discrimination. I'm glad we had a chance to talk about this and to notice that problem ", pointed out the student of the language constituency Ališanović Lejla.
Both workshops were realized in cooperation with the TPO Foundation from Sarajevo and with the support of the British Embassy in Sarajevo within the campaign called "Look around".
The workshops encouraged the students to think differently, deepen their attitudes and raise awareness of seemingly unreal problems, and were thus successfully realized.