Nov 2021


Quality communication is the key to interpersonal relationships. "It is impossible not to communicate" is one of the axioms of the theory of human communication described by psychologist Paul Watzlawick. Through Socrates ’cafes we dialogue, argue and grow by exchanging views and opinions. The topic of the second in a row Socrates' cafe in Mostar was "Dialogue".

Through the cards on which were written messages about what active communication really is, the students started socializing. Master of pedagogy and systemic family psychotherapist, Edita Pajić, through various examples from practice and through many questions, tried to unite participants about what is a good learning mechanism and what is active communication.

It turned out that culturally, but also individually, we have difficulties in the process of communicating with others, but very often that the beginning of the problem begins in a dialogue with ourselves. Focus on workshops, seminars, ie. on education that would teach children from an early age models of communication would be one of the strategies of creating a better society for a better tomorrow.

Socrates' cafes in Mostar continue on November 29th. and December 6th. 2021. at Vinily Café at 01:00 p.m.