Nov 2021

Socrates Cafes Tuzla - Dialogue

Every human movement, facial expression, body position, etc. represents communication in a certain way, so "non-communication" is actually a form of communication. Through quality communication we can understand human needs, avoid conflicts, actively listen, send a clear message, motivate others to talk.

That is, dialogue is an indispensable part of any quality relationship. In Coffee Time / Mandžić Gallery in Tuzla, November 22, 2021. the second Socrates' coffee was held under the facilitation of Professor Dženeta Omerdić, on the topic of 'Dialogue'.

The cafe was attended by students of the University of Tuzla. The need for dialogue was discussed, we wondered if we were satisfied with our interlocutors, if dialogue sometimes frustrates us, and the attendees finally concluded that there is no alternative to dialogue.