Nov 2021


The second workshop within the UNIversity and Gender Mainstreamign (UNIGEM) project was held by dr. Milica Kovač Orlandić, November 19, 2021 year, at the University of Donja Gorica, Podgorica, Montenegro.

The participants were students of the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Design and Multimedia, Faculty of Sports Management, Faculty of Applied Sciences - Psychology, Faculty of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology.

Through the workshop, students agreed on the implementation of three groups of activities, namely:

Organizing three info days in the central hall of the University to share promotional materials and animate the student population that is not directly involved in the organization of the campaign. The info days will be attended by students of the Faculty of Law who will talk to students attending the info days on the topic of rights and guarantees related to gender equality and gender-based violence.

Organizing an exhibition of student works. Students will present their views on various topics in different ways, drawing, collages, newspaper clippings, poems, posters and the like.

Organizing Gender Equality Day in the university library. In cooperation with the Library, students will exhibit books on gender equality on the library desks and invite all interested students to visit the library. The Days of Gender Equality in the library will last from December 8 to 10, and students will be invited to visit the library via social networks.