Nov 2021


At the penultimate meeting of the Socrates Cafe, November 29, 2021. with the great facilitation of Elma Hadžić, a student of the first cycle of studies in Psychology and Sociology from the Faculty of Teacher Education in Mostar, the topic of Gender Equality was discussed. A total of 12 students participated, and the meeting was held in Vinyl Cafe Mostar.

Conversations, comments were very lively, student participants drew attention to the peculiarities of the cultural narrative when it comes to the education system in BiH: it was pointed out that boys are most often profiled as prone to violence, and that their violent behavior is tolerated in schools. (even sympathizes to some extent), while girls, even if they have the slightest verbal offense in the class, are strictly disciplined (sending to a pedagogue or a psychologist);

A lot of time has been devoted to detecting the phenomenon of "double standard" for different genders in our society. Society is less sensitive to the profile of women's success or failure in science, and other areas of life, while masculinity is a generally accepted category.

The conclusion was then that women's issues are issues of all of us and that first of all there must be space for workshops, lectures on gender and gender equality in legal plans and regulations, but also in education, because it is clear that this equality still does not exist.