Nov 2021


The second Zoom workshop was reflected on November 17, 2021 by prof. dr. Valida Repovac Nikšić from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, entitled "Feminization of Poverty". Prof. Repovac Nikšić notes that in the past few years, the works of students of the Faculty of Political Sciences have increasingly dealt with discrimination, inequalities in society, and especially inequalities produced by socio-economic factors. Unfortunately, it is not enough to talk about the feminization of poverty and inequality only within the two subjects that exist at the Faculty of Political Sciences, namely the Department of Sociology and the Department of Social Work. Therefore, this workshop was an excellent opportunity to discuss the problem of feminization of poverty from a multidisciplinary perspective. During the workshop, the definition and determinants of poverty were discussed, as well as the impact of intersectionality on the occurrence of poverty in the 21st century.

The significance of the workshops lies in the fact that students from other faculties were able to participate. It is also important that through the events held, this social problem has aroused wider interest among young people.

During the workshop, prof. Repovac Nikšić encouraged students to think, discuss and research the issue. The interactive approach opened the space for discussion and showed the motivation of the participants to think about inequalities in society as well as the feminization of poverty. Finally, there is a certain desire of students to get involved in practical research and promotional activities.