Nov 2021


The third Zoom workshop was held on November 19, 2021 by prof. dr. Amila Ždralović from the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo entitled "Feminist Legal Theories". Feminist theories of law were discussed at the lecture. At the lecture itself, they tried to define key disputes, position different points of view and sketch the development of the idea through always only partial conquest of rights. The discussion discussed what it means for the participants to "be a feminist", how much things have changed today and what are the key problems of modern BiH society. While there was considerable agreement in these segments, mapped and discussed through different experiences, in relation to the discussion on the issue of the position that the participants took in relation to the first part of the lecture, they were different. Finally, in the discussion itself, the question is no longer any feminist stance to take, but what attitude to take towards liberal feminist theory of law. Given that plurality of views and divergence of opinion are key features of feminism, the lecture in the context of this debate is not closed.

Students from the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Education, University of Sarajevo responded to the invitation to the workshops and actively discussed their own views on feminism, gender-based violence and experiences with stereotypes and discrimination. The implementation of student activities is underway, which includes the preparation of a documentary on gender-based violence and the development of a web platform for student work on the topics of discrimination and gender-based violence. The final output of student activities will be promoted as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign.