Nov 2021


The aim of the first workshop within the UNIversity Gender and Mainstreaming project was to present the UNIGEM project to students of various university units and study programs, as well as to organize, design and prepare students for activities to be carried out within the "16 Days of Activism" campaign. The workshop was held by doc. dr Nela Milošević 18. November 2021, at the University of Donja Gorica, Podgorica, Montenegro.

Participants in the workshop are students of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, Faculty of Applied Sciences - study programs Mathematics, Geodesy and Electrical Engineering and Computing,

After a short presentation on what gender equality is, types and forms of gender-based violence, as well as discussions with students, the realization of three activities was agreed at the workshop:

Student and video of the performance, recording reels for instagram, creating text statements, posting on social networks. This is an ideal opportunity for students to be actively involved in the promotion of gender equality through the education system and to integrate activities that will deal with this topic.