Dec 2021


Another debate discussion was held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zenica on Friday, December 17, within this year's program "Socrates' Cafes", led by culturologist and peer educator Elmin Fehrić.

This interesting form of thematic discussions, as part of regular program-teaching activities, is organized this academic year by the Department of Cultural Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zenica in cooperation with partners from the TPO Foundation Sarajevo. The program form "Socrates Cafes" is designed as a dialogue between students through which they freely express their opinions on current social issues and problems that are primarily related to culture and the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the last edition of this debate workshop, students from all years of the first cycle of the Department of Cultural Studies discussed the topic "Is violence the result of gender-learned roles?". In the first part of the workshop, the participants talked about the phenomenon of violence within society, types of violence and its generators and consequences. In this part of the discussion, participants talked about their personal experience with violence in its various forms, the ways in which they experienced and reacted to violence. In addition, they talked about the reasons for the occurrence of violence and ways to prevent this negative social phenomenon.

Then, through group work and joint discussion, the participants talked about the concepts of gender and gender, ie the way in which they are within BiH. cultural concepts are experienced and interpreted by these concepts. Finally, in the last part of the workshop, participants linked the phenomenon of violence and gender-learned roles and behaviors. Participants recognized various negative phenomena of violence within the cultural context in which they live, which are closely related to gender roles. The most common form of violence mentioned in this context is domestic violence.

Through constructive discussion and illustrative examples from personal experience, the students of the Department of Cultural Studies concluded that violence has no justification and that it is necessary to work on raising public awareness in this area.