Dec 2021


The fourth and last of this year's Socrates coffee was held on December 20, 2021. In the reading room of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Banja Luka, it symbolically ended with the theme "Dialogue". In the introductory part of the topic, the most important problem of dialogue, which involves reaching a solution through classical dialectics (thesis and antithesis), is posed through the relationship of different use of dialectics in Socratic or sophistic form. Just as in ancient times the Sophists caused problems because of their rhetoric, which was not subject to ethical principles, today we also witness various problems that arose precisely because speech ceased to express what it is, but becomes an expression of untruth, which carries with it some personal interest. Only when we return the truth to dialogue (rhetoric, that is, rhetoric in the broadest sense), is it possible to achieve a healthy and necessary communication with others.

After the presentation of the introductory part, the participants talked about understanding communication from personal experiences, which Karl Jaspers led us to and his emphasis on the importance of existential communication. The conclusion of the cafe held on the topic of Dialogue, we can sum up in the sentence that we are nothing ourselves, only in a relationship, in a relationship, in communication with others we can be something, we only exist and only then can we express the essence of philosophy, and that is getting to know another, ie. understanding of being, understanding of the phenomenon of love, happiness, achieving peace, therefore, everything that is important to all of us individually, and precisely because it is important to all of us, represents the general, universal.

The moderator of the Socrates Café was Danijela Sladoje, a student of the Master's degree in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka.