Nov 2021


Final preparation of the notebook UNIGEM Project Coordinator, Ms. Selma Otuzbir and colleagues from the Advisory Board for Gender Equality at the International University of Travnik within the campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence" on Saturday 13.11.2021 realized a workshop on "BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA AND THE INTERNATIONAL MECHANISM FOR PROTECTION AGAINST GENDER - BASED VIOLENCE ".

The aim of the workshop was to introduce students to the legal and theoretical aspects of international mechanisms for protection against gender-based violence applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the workshop, students talked about what preceded the signing of the Istanbul Convention, what are its effects and who is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the convention.

Some of the conclusions of the students after the workshop are:

- it is necessary to encourage cooperation and partnerships between governmental and non-governmental institutions in order to promote protection against gender-based violence,

- it is necessary to include a larger number of women from non-governmental organizations and persons from socially vulnerable categories when planning, considering and drafting decisions in relevant areas that are the subject of the Istanbul Convention,

- it is necessary to establish a functional system that will enable the issue of gender equality and equality of social categories and the goals set by the Istanbul Convention to be regularly considered and reports on the mentioned issues to be made available to the public,

- The media have the greatest responsibility for preventing and raising awareness about gender-based violence.