Nov 2021


This year's last Socrates' coffee in Tuzla was held on December 13, 2021, in the Mandžić Gallery cafe, where the facilitator Dina Bajrektarević was discussed on the topic of "Gender-Based Violence".

The aim was to inform the participants about gender-based violence, and to question certain prejudices related to this topic. It was important to emphasize that it comes in different forms (mental, emotional, verbal, sexual, economic, physical) and that it can happen to anyone. We also discussed misconceptions, such as "In some cases, the victim deserves violence," or "Sometimes it's okay to tolerate violence."

Some of the conclusions were that gender-based violence is deeply rooted in patriarchy and heteronormativity and that they are the same source of this problem. The conclusion is that the solution to gender-based violence should be approached systematically and that the right of every person to a life full of dignity and to a life without violence should be addressed.